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DPM Membership Overview


You’ve found your people.

We are a supportive community for passionate project managers navigating in a digital world.

We explore the leading practices that make projects happen, and we help each other when we get stuck.


We’re A Different Kind Of Community.

We’re all about nerding out on methodologies and tools, solving complex challenges together and sharing our experiences so that no one needs to feel like they’re on a PM island. Ever. Again.


Save time with 75+ battle-tested templates & samples

Glimpse into best practices and reverse-engineer your perfect project processes from our ever-growing library of project management assets shared by real digital PMs.


Master New Project Skills With Monthly Workshops

Learn a new skill in one hour flat – every month. Our workshops are taught by an industry expert and prioritize actionable takeaways you can start using right away


Connect With 1,000+ People Who “Get it”

Connect with others who get what you do. Ask questions, get answers, share stories and lessons learned. We’re all about improving. Together.


Boost your career with Masterminds

Join a close-knit group of peers that helps you work through problems, stay accountable, and give back to the profession.


Tap Into Expert Knowledge From Digital’s Movers And Shakers

Stay on top of current trends in digital project delivery. Get valuable insights and feedback on the spot from specialists at the bleeding edge of their craft.


Make And Break The Rules With Us

We’re writing the playbook on digital project management. Get together with peers and experts to co-create solutions to specific digital project management challenges that will help prepare the next generation of digital PMs.


Bring Thought Leadership Into Your Practice With DPM eBooks

Educate your team and elevate your practices. Build trust and understanding with your leadership team. Amplify your value.

But I’m not a project manager! Do I belong?


The words “project” and “manager” don’t have to be in your job title at all. Our community is a supportive space for anyone involved in delivering digital projects.

Our Collective Expertise.

The heart and soul of our community is our DPM Experts team — a hand picked group of seasoned industry professionals devoted to helping delivery professionals at all levels accelerate into their careers.

Each member of our Experts team brings a different perspective to cover the gamut of digital delivery in agencies, consultancies, enterprises, and startups.

Our Experts are committed to speaking from their experience, sharing the latest best practices from their industries, and upholding the importance of responsible delivery leadership in a digital world.

The more you put into it, the more benefit you receive. Membership would be beneficial for someone looking to expand not only their hard skills as a PM but also their soft skills, which is obviously extremely important as a PM.

Annabeth Wilson
Project Manager at Inbound Design Studio

DPM membership is a no brainer for anybody who is running projects. Whoever out there thinks that they stand to benefit from learning best practices just to work in today’s interconnected digital world in a more efficient way—a more productive way—should consider membership.

Farhan Quasem
Project Manager at Valamis

Get Your Entire Team On Board!

Keep your team aligned and contributing at the leading edge of their craft through rewarding professional development program.

Join The Collective. Find Your People.

Get practical insights and community advice at the level that suits your needs.
Our memberships are purpose-built for your goals:

Give Yourself An Edge
The Insider Membership
  • Get a copy of our “Ultimate Project Management Checklist”
  • Get insights from our weekly newsletters
  • Access our growing library of how-to articles and tool reviews
  • Get inspired with new ideas every other week via The DPM Podcast
Learn & Grow Together
The Community Membership
per year
  • Join interactive learning sessions 3x per month
  • Connect and trade tips in the DPM Forum
  • Watch 30 days worth of DPM Sessions on demand
  • Get discounts on DPM courses
  • Get discounts on DPM special events
Get The Templates + More
The Career Builder Membership
per year
  • Everything from Community, plus…
  • Access all DPM Sessions on demand forever
  • Get 75+ peer-tested templates & samples
  • Get direct peer support in a Mastermind group
  • Learn from our top eBooks and guides