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PM for Self Session

Friday, April 15th

note: our PM for Self Sessions in April, May and June will not be recorded

Interested in joining for 2 hours on a Friday afternoon to do some heads-down work on “ourselves”?

It’s 2022, we’re busy, and we tend to forget to champion our own professional goals, thoughts, intentions, etc. Let’s dedicate time to exploring the “what if’s” professionally, or celebrating your wins on paper.

Things one would do in that time include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating your LinkedIn
  • Updating your Resume
  • Writing SMART Goals for your career path
  • Reaching out to ask for references
  • Making a professional vision board
  • The list goes on


  • We hop on a Zoom call
  • Share your name and intention for the session
  • We remain on the call while we work on that intention (cameras optional)
  • We conclude by sharing what we accomplished in the time
  • The end

We’ll be hosting one session per month from April – June so you can make this a monthly goal and stay aligned with your professional goals.


Robyn Birkedal
Senior Project Manager & DPM Expert

Robyn lives for organized chaos and is a master of driving alignment. Her superpower is to harmonize design and engineering teams to deliver consistent work that has an impact. She brings to the table 10 years of digital and technical project management experience — and also her background in the culinary arts — to every initiative she leads.

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